Snubbing Case History #61

Objective: Snub out 3 ½” coil string and set permanent packer for future completion. Well Information: 1500 meter 1000kPa injection well Procedure: Rig up and pressure test self-contained snubbing unit. Make up spear and go it and retrieve coil tubing hanger. Snub out 3 ½” coil in 7 – 8 meters sections, cutting each section with casing cutter. Tally each section of coil tubing pulled to ensure location of tubing plug. Continue to snub out until tubing plug is found inside tubing with plum bob. Snub up BHA and close blind rams. Bleed off and lay down BHA. Changeover to 2 7/8” handling equipment and make a scraper run. Run in permanent packer and set. Pressure test packer and snub out. Rig out self- contained snubbing unit. Time on location: 6 days on location