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We are proud to supply an industry-leading line of safety systems. These state-of-the-art, wireless systems provide intrinsically safer methods for conducting snubbing operations. Each system is built on the core Snubco Data Acquisition System (DAS) which can either be used as a standalone monitoring system or combined with a host of other components to create entirely new safety systems. Our line-up includes:

  • SnubSmart
  • SlipSmart
  • Pressure management kits
  • BOP management kits
  • Snubco Snubbing Simulator

Virtually any service line or task that service line can perform can be monitored or in some cases controlled by one of our wireless systems and sensors.

Data Acquisition Systems (DAS)

Our Snubco Data Acquisition System consists of one basket-mounted touch screen for data input and setup and the Snubco base station. The base station is located at ground level and is normally mounted in a doghouse or data cab.


The oil and gas industry is faced with a shortage of sufficiently experienced personnel and pressure control-related accidents have occurred as a result. Several of these incidents have involved ram type preventers and or stripping rams. Our SnubSmart system is designed to prevent exactly this type of situation.

Virtual Snubbing Simulator

The “Snubco Virtual Snubbing Simulator” is the world’s first snubbing simulator. This ongoing development allows students and employees to operate a virtual snubbing unit that simulates actual well conditions. Our simulator also takes into account all relevant pipe data to provide the most accurate simulation of an unbalanced well intervention.