Worldwide Expertise

The Snubco Group of companies operates globally to provide the finest equipment and the best in personnel for all your snubbing, well servicing, well control and freeze-hot tapping requirements. We have completed more than 6000 snubbing jobs for over 275 oil companies worldwide. Domestically, we have successfully tackled projects throughout Western Canada, Quebec, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories. On the international front, we maintain offices and equipment in the EU, South America and China and have worked everywhere from the frozen tundra of the Arctic, to the burning sands of the Middle East, to various countries throughout Asia and Europe.

Up for the Challenge

You excel under pressure, and so do we.

At Snubco, we not only design and custom-build the world’s toughest and most effective snubbing equipment…we operate it too. Safely, effectively, and under the most demanding of conditions.

You simply will not find another pressure control specialist with our combination of operating experience and ability to custom manufacture purpose-built equipment. Or one with a longer track record of solving demanding pressure control needs. We pioneered many of the major advances in our industry and remain the foremost innovator in finding better and safer ways for our customers to handle pressure control situations.

Snubco – we’re the best option when it matters– and in this industry, it always matters.

Our Services


We have decades of experience operating rig-assist and self-contained snubbing units for the world’s largest oil and gas producers. We can offer innovative solutions and advice to help customers develop programs designed to address their unique operational challenges.


Our innovative Thermal Heavy Oil Rod-stripping (THOR) unit allows for the safe and efficient removal of rod and pumps from live thermal wells, delivering significant cost and environmental benefits to our customers.

Well Intervention

Our highly trained intervention teams perform well intervention services in a wide variety of environments and circumstances around the world. We have designed and safely executed maintenance programs in some of the world’s most challenging well conditions.


Our manufacturing division designs, engineers and constructs customized pressure control equipment for customers all over the globe.