Snubbing Case History #60

Objective: Wellhead upgrade on horizontal CO2 injection well: reposition permanent packer

Well Information: CO2 injection well, 1300 meters vertical and 1000 meters horizontal 5000 kPa

Procedure: Rig up and pressure test self-contained snubbing unit. Attempt to unset packer – unable to, attempt to come off packer with on / off – unable to. Rig in eline and cut off string at bottom of vertical section. Packer was supposedly set in compression but was actually set in tension, once cut was made 101 joints of tubing and packer fell into horizontal section of well. Set plug in permanent plug at bottom of remaining tubing string and snub out. Snub back in with fishing string and latch onto fish. Snub out fish until packer is back in cased hole and started to pull over string weight. Spot acid to remove packer elements. Continue to snub out of hole until 20 joints remain. Rig in wireline and pull tubing plugs. Pressure test on top of plug in packer, pressure test OK. Set permanent bridge plug in joint above packer. Snub out to BHA at surface, and hang off in QRC. Rig out travelling plate and slips. Rig in eline and lubricate out 21 meter fish. Lubricate in 18 meter permanent plug and set. Pressure test permanent plug and rig out self-contained snubbing unit.

Time on location: 20 days on location