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Snubco technology at work for you… Connecting domestic and international clients to the underbalanced equipment they require. Through our Manufacturing and engineering department we are pleased to offer the following products:

Snubbing Solutions

Design and manufacturing of Rig Assist and Self-Contained snubbing systems
  • Standard 5k 10k 15k
  • Custom build solutions per client requirements

Pressure control equipment

  • D.A.S. (Data Acquisition System)
  • SlipSmart ©
  • SnubSmart ©
  • Thermal Solutions: Design and manufacture T.H.O.R. continuous rod systems (thermal Heavy Oil Rod-Rig)
  • Mobile or containerized freeze systems
  • Hot Tap drills (5k and 10k)
  • Valve Milling systems
  • Tapping Clamps
  • Well intervention: Specific design and manufacture components as per client requirements
Snubco Manufacturing works within Snubco. This division along with engineering is responsible for all design, engineering, and construction of Snubco’s pressure control equipment. Snubco snubbing units are now working on four different continents in the world. All equipment is fully engineered to relevant API and ASME specifications. Each unit is fully documented with all certifications and operational information. Snubco’s Engineering department uses modern technical tools to ensure their designs are “fit for purpose”. All engineering work is done in 3D models which generates clear, accurate and detailed drawings, making manufacturing more efficient and repeatable. Snubco’s engineering team also uses 3D finite elemental analysis to maximize an efficient design, verify plans and certify equipment.