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Snubco Pressure Control in conjunction with Snubco Manufacturing is pleased to present the now fully operational prototype for T.H.O.R. (Thermal Heavy Oil Rod-Rig). This new thermal unit will allow for the removal of rod and pumps while under full injection pressure and at temperature with “limited” to “no exposure” to manpower. The unit is comprised of the following components:

Continuous Rod Rig

This unit is built much like a self-contained (stand-alone) rig. The carrier is a standard size footprint. The injector is mounted in the derrick with the rod guide.
  • Control cab
  • Remote operational panel
  • 72’ stiff mast derrick

48K Custom Rod Injector

The 48K rod injector utilized is standard to the industry with minor modifications. The brake will be designed to act as a backup to hold the rod while the pump is rotated through the BOP stack to prepare for lubrication from the wellbore
  • Modified brake for backup of rod

High temp BOP Stack

The thermal BOP is comprised of a quad 3 1/16” BOP plus three annulars and one Shear/Blind.
  • Three annulars, four sealing rams, one slip ram, one shear/blind ram
  • Elastomers: 200⁰ C ram and 160⁰ C annular
  • EMI rig floor rod