Snubco Virtual Snubbing Simulator

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We began developing the Snubco Virtual Snubbing Simulator in 2009 in partnership with Edmonton-based simulation company, 3Di Edmonton. By combining our unique skill sets, we were able to develop a truly realistic simulation that provides a competency-based solution for multiple applications. Our simulator has been used by well control schools in the U.S as an IADC-approved training simulator, as a training simulator for major oil companies (Shell, Devon, EnCana, Conoco, Etc.) and by the Workers Compensation Board in Alberta to help rehabilitate workers.

Key features:

  • Simulates all well conditions
  • Simulates actual jack operating functions
  • Complete physics-based operations
  • Provides users with an exact duplicate of an actual operation panel
  • Provides audio that accurately mimics actual operating conditions
  • Allows the user to operate in conditions that may be considered too dangerous for training applications
  • Allows users to log hundreds of hours in simulated field time
  • Allows users to complete training of any Snubco procedures for competency-based training
  • Records simulation in two video formats for later viewing
  • Tracks operational trends to see where the student is weak so additional training can be customized
  • Enables pre-planning for actual jobs by inputting well programs to complete job in a virtual environment to pre-plan for actual job
  • Re-creates incidents for investigative purposes