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Self-contained snubbing is a major component in today’s workover and completions market. Demands for a safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly snubbing operation has been the major factor in the development of this industry. The ability to work on under balanced or live wells gives our customers many advantages for a safer and more cost-effective operation. Extra charges such as rig, well control fluids, transportations and disposal of fluids can be greatly reduced or eliminated with the use of a self-contained snubbing unit. Many of our customers are utilizing self-contained snubbing units for abandonment operations, eliminating many unnecessary costs. Wells with short vertical and long horizontal sections are ideal for self-contained snubbing operations. All major operations (i.e. pipe movement and well control) are controlled by the snubbing crew while utilizing less equipment, no anchors and very little ground disturbance for a smaller environmental footprint.

Snubco has taken our many years of rig assist experience and used it to develop our self-contained equipment and operations. The Snubsmart and Slipsmart safety systems were key components in the development and construction of our self-contained equipment and operations.

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