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At some time in the lifespan of oil and gas wells, parts will require maintenance, restoration or replacement. This is where producers and plant operators rely on our well intervention specialists.

Snubco Interventions (Freeze and Hot tap) fall into four general categories:

Class 1: 0.0 – 10.5 MPA Class 2: 10.6 – 21 MPA Class 3: 21.1 – 35.0 MPA Class 4: 35.1 – 75.0 MPA.

Our intervention teams perform services in a variety of regions, environments and circumstances all over the world. Ranging from low-pressure sour service to HPHT work, our services allow operators to minimize the potential for the uncontrolled release of hydrocarbons.

Our services are most commonly (but not exclusively) used to safely facilitate and/or mitigate: abandonments, reentry, well control, coil & jointed tubing, pipeline, and various wellhead issues all with safe mitigation. 

We also have extensive experience working onshore, offshore, in plants and at facilities, and in some cases, on domestic infrastructure projects (as when adding piping to water lines in commercial structures).

Freeze Applications

  • Need to isolate equipment that cannot be depressurized?
  • Want an inexpensive and safe alternative to control pressures during well maintenance where removal of wellhead, pipeline, and auxiliary equipment is required?
  • Have well control equipment that has malfunctioned (BOPs damage) and needs to be removed or repaired?

Hot Tap Operations

  • Detect an obstruction in tubulars during tripping operations and suspect trapped pressure?
  • Need to enter an existing production line without depressurizing the line?
  • Need to replace a valve on a producing well without killing or depressurizing the well?
  • Want to re-enter an abandoned or suspended well?

Well Control

  • Do you have a well control issue?
  • Need additional engineering support?
  • Prejob planning and modelling?