Snubbing Case History #59

Objective: Mill out BP at surface Well Information: 2800m Sweet multi zone gas well. 43MPa Procedure: Rig up 10k stripping rams on well, pick up snubbing unit and rig out 5K stripping rams. Rig up unit on 10K stripping rams. Place concrete anchors and chain down the unit. Rig up scaffold to the unit. Pressure test 10K primary and stripping rams to 50MPa. RIH overshot, x/o, 2 floats, x/o, 3m pup, 1jt of 60.3mm latch onto the setting tool and pull 7Dan to shear off of the bridge plug. RIH mill, 2 floats, motor, jars, x/o, 1jt and rig up selective iron to circulate. Pressure test iron to 50Mpa and begin milling out bridge plug. Once plug is drilled run in 2jts to ensure annulus is clear, pull out of the hole and rig down the unit. Time on location: 28 hours