Snubbing Case History #58

Objective: Remove and install new production string

Well Information: 2100m, 10 Mpa Multi-zone gas well

Procedure: Rig up 11 inch spool & 11 inch stripping rams/ pressure test spool and rams. Rig up snubbing stack pressure test stack. Equalize stack, bring 11” tubing hanger into spool close rig bag bleed off stack disconnect snubbing unit from stack, including bleed off and equalize line walk jack up pipe place c-plate and rig slips on rig annular BOP, set tubing string in slips walk jack down set weight on boards placed on rig slips chain snubbing unit into rig and break landing joint from tubing hanger, walk jack up landing joint after releasing from derrick then break tubing hanger from tubing string. Walk jack back down landing joint and chain in to derrick then stab landing joint and make connection to tubing string grab hold of landing joint with snubbing jack release jack from derrick walk jack back joint. Pick up tubing string with rig blocks , remove rig slips and c-plate, walk snubbing stack back down bolt on flanges, re-equalize stack open annular BOP. Stage out of hole 214 joints of 3 ½ Hydril pipe, locate 10 ft pup joint in stripping rams, pull into rams, bleed off stack walk jack up joint break connection with pipe wrenches in desired location holding onto pipe with travelling snubbing slips and rotary bearing unlocked once connection is broken walk jack back down remove joint from stack, and rig out snubbing stack. Once jack was laid over we then rigged in linker and lubricated out the 9 5/8 packer and bottom hole assembly. While lubricating out BHA snubbing unit was changed over to 2 3/8 as was the primary stack once the BHA was out and lubricator was laid down. We then snubbed in the production string consisting of a TEP ,4 ft pup, XN , 1 joint, X , 8ft pup and tubing to surface added a 10 ft pup 1 joint, we then staged in some methanol to clean the casing bowl and stripped in our 11’ tubing hanger in the same method as previously described only in reverse. Once tubing hanger was landed we pull tested and tested for leaks. The snubbing stack was then rigged out.

Time on location: 5 days