Snubbing Case History #57

Objective: clean out sand latch on to packer

Well Information: 2200 m , 12Mpa , Multi-zone gas well

Procedure: Rig up snubbing stack stage out tubing hanger add 1 joint, rig in cleanout kit . Lower joint to sand top, pick up tubing string, flow tubing through cleanout swivel watch returns start lowering tubing string monitor string weight. Clean out casing to joint top, pick up tubing string flow tubing for 10 min shut in tubing side, rig in second tubing joint equalize joint and cleanout assembly, open tubing and continue cleanout monitor tubing string weight, touch packer top clean packer top for 30 min. Shut in tubing latch on to packer bleed off tubing negative test on/off seal assembly, equalize tubing come off packer, rig out cleanout kit latch back on to packer, release packer pull out of hole, stage out packer. Run back in hole with final production string.

Time on location: 3 days