Snubbing Case History #56

Objective: Retrieve multiple WR bridge plugs and snub in production

Well Information: 3000 meter, 24mPa multi zone gas well

Procedure: Rig up snubbing unit. Make up retrieving tool BHA and snub into hole until sand top is tagged. Rig in wireline and pull slip stop and plug. Use formation gas to perform a 50 meter sand clean out using slim hole valves. Latch onto WR and rig in wireline to set plug and slip stop. Snub out of hole. Repeat process for the next 4 WR plugs. Make up production BHA consisting of 4 hydraulic set packers, multiple sets of blast joints, 4 sliding sleeves and pups, and tubing to surface. Snub in requirement amount of tubing and rig in wireline to log tubing into place. Space out tubing and land tubing hanger. Set packers and rig out snubbing unit.

Time on location: 14 days