Snubbing Case History #29

Objective: To mill out sulfur plugs out of 88.9 production tubing

Well Information: 21% sour gas well, 3,800m deep, 47MPa. Solid sulfur precipitated out during production resulted in the tubing being plugged at about 1,700m.

Procedure: A self-contained snubbing unit was used on this well. 1.66 tubing was the drill string. Fill hole with water. Rig up 4-1/16 10K primary BOPs and stripping BOPs. RIH with mill, bit sub, double float assembly, “Q” profile nipple, drill collars, Profile nipple, and drill pipe to plug. Establish circulation and dill through sulfur bridge. Circulate to bottom to ensure well tubing is clear to bottom. POOH and rig out.

Time on location: 10 days