Snubbing Case History #30

Objective: Recover lost perforating gun and wire, install completion assembly.

Well Information: 8.6 Mpa gas well, 1,300m deep. Packer set segregating lower zone with 2m sand on it. Perforated upper zone, lost gun and 600m wire. Workover rig blind rams closed on wire and leaking.

Procedure: Rig up shear rams and snubbing unit. Run in wire spear to below tubing spool and rotate onto wire. Pull up, close shear rams and lay down recovered wire. Run spear down 1 joint and rotate onto wire. Pull up close shear rams and lay down recovered wire. Snub in tubing hanger, land, replace blind rams and pressure test. Snub out tubing hanger. Strip in wire spear, BHA and 600m tubing rotating onto wire. POOH, land fishing assembly in rams, rig up 15m lubricator and lubricate out fishing BHA. Lay down BHA and recovered wire. RIH wash over pipe and grapple assembly. Tag fish, rotate over and run to bottom. POOH fishing string and land in rams. Rig up wireline and lubricate out. RIH on/off tool and completion BHA, tag bottom, pick up to next tool joint and rig up wireline and pull plug. Clean out to packer, come off and pick up to first connection. Set plug, space out tubing, strip in tubing hanger, latch onto packer, and land tubing. Rig out snubbing unit and rams.

Time on location: 36.5 hours over 4 days