Snubbing Case History #27

Objective: Gain control of well, replace tubing spool. RIH completion string.

Well Information: Workover rig took kick, no tubing hanger in place.

Procedure: Strip on snubbing unit and pressure test. Strip out safety valve, 2,620m and BHA. RIH on/off tool, BHA and 2,500m tubing, pressure test tubing strip in packer and 2 joints. Set packer and pressure test. Come off packer lay down 2 joints rig out snubbing unit and Bops to inspect tubing spool. Replace tubing spool. Rig up Bops and snubbing unit and pressure test. Run in latch onto packer, pressure up above and release. Strip out 2 joints and packer. Run to bottom, space out tubing, strip in tubing hanger, latch onto packer, and land tubing. Rig out snubbing unit.

Time on location: 35 hours over 4 days