Snubbing Case History #17

Objective: Install dual string completion.

Well Information: Low pressure (4,500kPa) shallow gas well (550m). With 2 zones not co-mingled, Customer needs tubing for fluid lift on upper zone.

Procedure: Install stripping rams dressed with offset rams orientated to long string side on tubing spool. Rig up workover rig BOP stack. Pressure test casing, swab dry and perforate required zones. Rig up snubbing unit and pressure test. Strip in long string BHA with appropriate tail pipe, packer and blast joints. RIH tubing strip in primary tubing hanger with 1.2m pup above. Set packer, orientate hanger and land long string. Close lower offset rams on 1.2m pup, bleed off above and remove landing joint. Secure well with blind rams and change upper offset rams to short string side. Make up short string BHA and locate into secondary hanger receiver in primary hanger. RIH short string tubing, strip in secondary hanger, land tubing and pressure test hanger assemblies. Rig out snubbing unit and BOPs, install top section, pull plugs and prove segregation.

Time on location: 9.5 hours