Snubbing Case History #16

Objective: Fish dropped coil tubing and run production tubing.

Well Information: 12 Mpa sour (1500ppm) gas well, 1,700m. During coil operations, well control was lost and shear rams on coil unit were closed and coil was dropped. Well was subsequently secured with a bridge plug above the lost coil.

Procedure: Rig up and pressure test snubbing equipment. RIH with retrieving tool, pup, profile with plug, pup, and 2 joints tubing. Pressure up above plug with N2, latch onto plug and release. Snub out same. RIH fishing tools and latch onto coil. POOH fishing string, strip out over shot, and hang coil in slip rams. Remove snubbing unit jack plate and slips, rig up riser spool adequate to extend above snubbing unit work floor, and rig up coil BOPs and injector. Connect coil fish to coil in injector, and retrieve lost coil. Close blind rams bleed of system and rig out coil equipment. Install slips and jack plate, change over to 60.3 handling equipment. Strip in BHA and 173 joints. Strip in tubing hanger, set packer and land tubing. Rig out snubbing unit.

Time on location: 61 hours over 7 days