International Freeze and Hot Tap Case History #5

Objective: To install access port to remedial SSSV control line inside the tubing. A coupling installed inside of the hanger connected the port we drilled to the control line.

Well Information: Dual string completed sweet gas well with both tubing strings online and flowing. Tubing string to be worked on was isolated with tubing blanking plug.

Procedure: In flow testing performed on well head prior to cold tapping to ensure isolation of new annulus once tubing hanger is drilled. Identify and isolate lock down screw to allow access to required tubing string. Bleed off pressure above tubing blanking plug to be accessed with hot tap. Remove existing lock down screw and packing, install new packing and modified lock down screw. Pressure test new lock down screw and packing. Rig in hot tapping equipment and pressure test. Pressure up tubing string to ensure cuttings from drilling process are kept out of tubing string. Drill hole thru tubing hanger and access tubing string. Retract drill bit and close needle valve on lock down screw. Bleed off pressure in drill and rig out hot tapping equipment. Turn well over to production staff.

Time on location: 4 hours