International Self-Contained Snubbing Case History #6


Well Information:

Procedure: Spot equipment, rig up snubbing equipment, pressure test. Stage out 3 ½ T.I.W. valve. Wireline plug in tubing. Pull 500m of 73mm pipe, x/o,1jnt,5 ½ packer,1jnt,x nipple,12jnts,re-entry. Make up new B.H.A.. Snub in; saw tooth collar, pup, x/o, floats, x/o, x/o, pup, x nipple, pup. Run to joint 214; circulate 10m3 of potassium formate. Run to joint 26, pump high viscosity sweep 0.5m3 followed by 30m3 of potassium formate to displace mud pill at bottom. Pump 800l of fresh water down tubing. Pull 21 joints, wait 2hrs. Pump 8.2m3 of fresh water down tubing. Secure well and pooh. Run in final string and land tubing hanger. Pressure test tubing hanger. Rig out self-contained equipment. 24hr operations/7days

Time on location: 2 days