International Freeze and Hot Tap Case History #4

Objective: To gain entry into 3.5” tubing to set wireline tools. Hot tap and mill out lower gate valve.

Well Information: 19 mpa sweet gas. Swab valve functioning and holding pressure. Valve type – Cameron with 3” thick solid gate, material unknown. Pin stem free wheeling and gate in fully closed position.

Procedure: Obtain all proper permits. Unpack and precheck equipment and position on deck platform. Ensure swab valve is closed. Bleed off any pressure between swab valve and well cap. Remove well cap. Install 10,000-5,000 crossover spool. Install BOP’s. Rig up hot tap drill. Pressure test equipment. Ensure all is in proper working order. Double check measurements. Bore 1” pilot hole through gate. POOH. Changeover bit to 3.25” mill. Bore through gate. POOH. Changeover to 4” mill. Bore through gate. POOH. Close swab valve. Bleed off pressure. Rig out hot tap equipment and spools. Rig up wireline. Run in with gauge ring to confirm hole. MILLING TIME: 37 hours over several days.