Snubbing Case History #64

Fishing Job while Snubbing

Objective: 0-35 MPA Procedure: Tubing recorders released from downhole, and got stuck in the tubing hanger. The well was flowing past the recorders and the combination of flowback and sand, parted the tubing string underneath the tubing hanger. The tubing string fell and settled at 490m. Snubbed out the hanger, and performed two runs with the overshot, jars and bumper sub to attempt and retrieve the recorders. Ran in the hole with shoe, washover, jars, bumper sub, drill collars, and dress fish top with power swivel. Pull out same. Run in hole with overshot, latched onto fish, pulled tension, and performed string shot 2 joints below fish top. Run in hole with permanent wireline bridge plug, set, dump bail Hydromite, run in and set 2nd bridge plug. Pull out of hole and perform hot tap between bridge plugs. Equalize stack. We then see a pressure drop from 28 MPA to 19 MPA. Casing appears to be hydrated to 500m. Rig up hot oiler and circulate hot methanol and ice breaker, and then displaced the annulus to nitrogen. Run in hole with sealed overshot, tubing joints, and 3 safe tensioning tools. Latch onto fish, perform pressure test. Land tubing hanger, pull into tension, and rig out snubbing equipment.