Snubbing Case History #50

Objective: Service rig took a kick when pulling 88.9mm frac string, pipe was only part way out of the hole and no tubing hanger was landed.

Well Information: 25mPa, 3700 meter gas well.

Procedure: Strip on rig assist snubbing jack and pressure test. Snub out remaining 2500 meters of 88.9mm frac string and BHA. Change over handling equipment to 60.3mm. Snub in retrieving tool, TKX plug and 60.3mm tubing and tag sand at 3400 meters. Rig in nitrogen pumper and circulate sand out and latch onto packer. Snub out 60.3mm tubing and packer. Snub in 60.3mm slick string. Rig out snubbing unit.

Time on location: 6 days