Snubbing Case History #49

Objective: Snub out and replace 228mm packer utilizing a 177mm snubbing stack.

Well Information: 5mPa 670 meter horizontal water injection well with 228mm casing and 88.9mm coated tubing.

Procedure: Rig in 279mm primary BOP, 279mm spacer spool, 270mm single gate pipe ram, 279mm to 177mm x/o spool and 177mm snubbing unit. Snub in with retrieving tool BHA and latch onto 228mm packer. Unset packer and snub to surface. Hang off BHA utilizing upper 279mm single gate. Rig out 177mm equipment and rig in electric line with 279mm lubricator. Lubricate 228mm packer up and close blind rams. Make up new 228mm BHA and lubricate back into well hanging off with upper 279mm single gate. Rig in 177mm snubbing unit and pressure test, snub BHA into well and space out. Close primary annular and bleed off snubbing stack. Unbolt snubbing unit and walk snubbing jack up and install heavy slips below connection. Set string into heavy slips, secure snubbing unit and spin out joint and install tubing hanger. Secure snubbing unit on tubing string again and pick up out of heavy slips. Remove heavy slips and walk snubbing unit down and bolt back onto BOP stack. Pressure test, set packer and land tubing hanger. Rig out snubbing unit.

Time on location: 16 hours over 2 days