Snubbing Case History #5

Objective: Remove production tubing to Fracture top zone. Retrieve bridge plug and re-run production tubing.

Well Information: 15 Mpa sweet gas well. Depth: 2,200m

Procedure: Rig up snubbing unit and pressure test. Come off packer and strip out tubing hanger, tubing and BHA. Rig out snubbing unit for frac. After frac, RIH retrieving tool, BHA and tubing to top of sand. Install slim hole safety valve and pull plugs. Clean down 160m onto bridge plug using slim hole safety valves, and release. Run plugs and POOH same. RIH completion BHA and tubing, latch onto packer and land tubing. Pull plugs and pressure test on/off tool. Rig out snubbing unit.

Time on location: 88 hours over 8 days