Snubbing Case History #4

Objective: Abandon lower zone and complete upper zones.

Well Information: 8,500 Kpa sweet gas well, no longer interest in lower zone. Completion required on upper zones. Depth: 1,450m

Procedure: Rig up snubbing unit and pressure test. Come off on/off tool, strip out tubing hanger, and POOH tubing and strip out BHA. Strip in packer and BHA, RIH tubing to below top perforations. Set packer pull plug and pressure test lower packer. Re-run plug, POOH tubing, and strip out BHA. Rig up wireline, bail cement onto packer, re-perforate upper zone, set packer bleed off casing, dump bail sand onto packer, and perforate upper zone. RIH on/off skirt, BHA, and tubing. Tag sand, pull plug and flow out sand. Come off packer, set plug, space out tubing, strip in tubing hanger, latch onto packer, and land tubing. Pull plug pressure test on/off tool and rig out snubbing unit.

Time on location: 54 hour over 6 days