Snubbing Case History #23

Objective: Retrieve 7 bridge plugs and run completion string.

Well Information: Sweet well with 7 zones ranging from 14 Mpa to 31Mpa between 2,600m and 3,000m. All zones have been fractured with a bridge plug set above the perforations before the next zone is perforated and fractured. A permanent packer is set above the lowest perforations. When snubbing unit arrived the tubing was landed above the upper set of perforations.

Procedure: Rig up snubbing unit and pressure test. Pull tubing hanger and run down to sand. Pull tubing plugs circulate clean and release bridge plug. Strip out slim hole valves, rig up wireline and set plugs. POOH with tubing and bridge plug. RIH with retrieving skirt and tubing and repeat sequence 6 times to retrieve all bridge plugs. Make up and strip in BHA to allow for segregation of all zones. RIH tubing, latch onto packer, come off and space out tubing. Strip in tubing hanger latch onto packer, set hydraulic set packers and land tubing. Rig out snubbing unit.

Time on location: 96.5 hours over 9 days