Snubbing Case History #22

Objective: Convert dual completion to dual string completion with 33.4mm siphon string

Well Information: 4,000 Kpa gas well, 600m waters its self out.

Procedure:Set plug in tubing and remove top section. Install full bore dual string tubing spool. Install stripping rams offset to long string side, service rig BOPs, and snubbing unit. Pressure test. Come off packer, strip out tubing hanger and strip in .3m nipple, primary dual string tubing hanger and 1.2m pup. Latch onto packer, orientate hanger and land tubing. Close offset rams on 1.2m pup, bleed off stack and remove landing joint. Secure well with blind rams. Change over handling equipment to 33.4mm, lay down snubbing unit and install offset flange assembly. Pressure test. RIH 550m siphon string and land. Pressure test hangers. Rig out snubbing and BOP equipment.

Time on location: 16.5 hours