Snubbing Case History #1

Objective: Completion of multi-zone sweet gas well

Well Information: 31 Mpa sweet multi–zone gas well. Workover Rig pulled fracturing string (114mm Hydril) took kick with 100m in hole. Depth: 2,900m

Procedure: Strip on riser spool to bring connection above substructure. Strip on snubbing unit. Snub out 10 joints and BHA. RIH scraper and condition perforations. Rig in e-line and run gauge ring through perforations. RIH: TEP, BHA of profiles and spacing pups, 19joints 73mm tubing. Hang off pipe in rams, rig up e-line, and lubricate in packer assembly. RIH with 89mm tubing to bottom. Rig up e-line and log on depth. Space out BHA set packer; come off, set test packer, and pressure test permanent packer. Rig up wireline, set plug at bottom, and POOH with 89mm work string. RIH with seal assembly, blast joints profiles and spacing pups, frac packer, and 114mm tubing. Pull plug, sting into packer and pressure test. Pull out of packer reset plug, space out, latch into permanent, set packer, and land tubing. Pull plug pressure test seals and packer. Rig out snubbing unit. Stand-by for Fracture stimulation. Rig up riser spools and snubbing unit and pressure test. Release frac packer strip out tubing hanger, and POOH 114mm string and BHA. Rig up e-line to set bridge plug and perforate. RIH: frac packer BHA and 114mm tubing. Strip in tubing hanger, set packer, land tubing, pressure test packer, rig out snubbing unit and stand-by for fracture. Rig up riser spools and snubbing unit, pressure test and POOH with frac string. Change over to 73mm handling equipment and RIH with bridge plug retrieving skirt. Tag sand, pull plug, clean off sand, and latch onto bridge plug and release. Run plugs on wireline and POOH. Strip in completion BHA and RIH to bottom, space out tubing, latch into permanent packer, set upper packers, and land tubing. Pull plug, pressure test seals, and rig out snubbing unit and release.

Time on location: 18 days working 24s over a 32 day period