International Snubbing Case History #7

Objective:Retrieve parted production tubing and install re-completion Well Information:38 mPa, 2% H2S content, 50% condensate, 3300 meter gas well Background: Previous attempts to fish parted tubing were unsuccessful and parted tubing string was hampering production. Procedure: Rig in well intervention pump and kill well using lubricate and bleed method. Remove wellhead and rig in 200K self-contained snubbing jack. Pressure test primary and stripping BOP stack. Production tubing was parted at surface. Snub in with impression block and tag fish top at 280 meters, snub out of hole. Round trip scraper and then set WR plug with tubing and snub out. Rig out snubbing equipment and change out well head. Rig up snubbing unit and pressure test BOP stack. Run in and latch WR plug and snub out of hole. Run in with overshot on tubing and latch unto parted tubing. Not able to break tubing string free. Decision made to cut tubing. Wait on e-line to clear customs. Rig in e-line, run in hole and free point and cut tubing string. Pull out of hole with e-line and rig out e-line. Snub out with 1100 meters of tubing. Snub in with overshot but unable to latch back onto fish. Snub out and snub back in with spear, latch onto fish, jar tubing free and snub out with a 9 meter section of tubing. Run in numerous times with assorted fishing tools but were only able to recover small pieces of tubing previously damaged from fishing efforts several years prior. Snub in hole with mill and dress fish top, snub out of hole. Snub in with overshot and retrieve another 1100 meters of tubing. Top 25 joints of fish were collapsed and the next 100 joints were corkscrewed. Remaining tubing string was now in open hole and we were unable to latch back on. Decision was made to produce well AS IS, so we made a scraper run and snub in a production string. Rig out equipment.