International Snubbing Case History #2

Objective: Snub out and replace 114.3mm packer

Well Information: 3200kPa horizontal oil well, 4500 meters. 88.9mm upper string and 73mm lower string.

Procedure: Set bridge plug in lower 73mm tubing string just above BHA. Rig up snubbing unit and snub out 88.9mm tubing string. Land tubing hanger, add 5 meters of spacer spool and change over handling equipment to 73mm. Snub out hanger and remaining 73mm tubing string and BHA. Make up BHA and snub in along with 73mm tubing, land tubing hanger. Change over handling equipment to 88.9mm, snub out tubing hanger and snub in 88.9mm tubing to required depth, set packer, land tubing hanger and rig out snubbing unit.

Time on location: 6 days