Freeze and Hot Tap Case History #37 – October 4-8, 2016

Objective: Freeze surface casing; Intermediate casing; Production casing and Sheared Coil string to facilitate re-dressing and re-connecting coil to continue out of hole.

Well Information: Sweet well, 21.5mPa on production, and 18 mPa on tubing.

Procedure: Safety and JHA meeting with both crews (24hr). Hydrovac cellar to install cribbing. Fill Surface and intermediate casing with water. Surface casing will not hold water, rig in mud line and inject 15L of gel. Move mud line to Production casing and inject 100L of Gel. Move mud line to Coil and inject 80L of gel. Rig out and secure all injection points. Fill cribbing with dry ice, and proceed to install heat trace on stack and tarp, to prevent total freezing of BOP stack. Tamp and maintain ice for duration of freeze. Positive and negative pressure tests complete and held. Remove BOP stack, dress and connect coil. Reinstall BOP stack Pressure test coil and it failed. Maintain ice. Remove BOP stack, redress and reconnect coil and pressure test. Pressure test held, reinstall BOP stack and pressure test, passed. Apply 22 mPa to topside of plugs, remove heat trace and tarps. Rig out and off location, rig crew to facilitate thawing process.

Time on location: 75 hours