Freeze and Hot Tap Case History #38 – November 9-11, 2016

Objective: Re-Abandonment. Hot tap and freeze well, below grade, to install well head and master valve for access, above grade to determine where down hole leak originated.

Well Information: Sweet well, pressure TSTM on well. Leaking through welds on top cap (Production) and weld “o” let (Production).

Procedure: Safety and JHA meeting with crew and company rep. Rig up Hot tap drill, proceed to drill existing 3/8” torch hole to ¾” hole to gain access to ID of 7” production casing. We had to drill through casing collar. Inject 50 L of freeze medium (GEL) into surface, and 120L into production casing and freeze. No positive pressure test could be completed due to leaks. Preform negative (0 kPa) pressure test on plug, for 30 min both passed. Cut off existing collars, installed new casing strings to elevate to above grade. Install and weld new casing bowl and working valve. Pressures test all welds, bowl and valve, well secured. Rig out and off location.

Time on location: 30.5 hrs