Freeze and Hot Tap Case History #18

Objective: Freeze tubing to remove lost wireline tools in completion tubing.

Well Information: 16.5MPa sweet gas well. During wireline operations, tools became stuck approximately 300m from the bottom of the tubing. Subsequently, slickline fishing tools were lost. Total length of lost wire line tools is approximately 31m.

Procedure: A bridge plug was set in the tubing above the wireline tools; the tubing was snubbed out to the bridge plug. The tubing was capped. A crane was rigged up with the crown 20m above the crown of the rig. The winch was attached to the tubing and 4 joints were snubbed out. The tubing was hot-taped and gel injected into the tubing and froze. The 4 joints were removed, laid down and hot tapped to check for trapped pressure. A valve was installed into the tubing, pressure tested and thawed. The gel was blown out and wireline rigged up to set a plug on bottom.

Time on location: 11 hours