Freeze and Hot Tap Case History #17

Objective: Freeze well to remove top section and tubing hanger on well which was suspended.

Well Information: A low pressure gas well (3,000kPa) was suspended and left with no tubing in the hole, tubing hanger in the tubing spool and top section installed. Over time gas pressure developed in the casing. When our customer acquired the well, they wanted to re-complete the well to produce gas without introducing any more kill fluids.

Procedure: Expose surface casing and install cribbing and dry ice. Inject gel into surface and production casings. When freeze plug is achieved, the plug is pressure tested and the top section and tubing hanger is removed and BOPs are installed and pressure tested. Well pressure is applied to the top of the plug and turned over to the thaw crew.

Time on location: 15.5 hours