Freeze and Hot Tap Case History #13

Objective: Freeze tubing to remove obstruction in tubing during snubbing operations

Well Information: 27MPa sweet gas well. During snubbing operations, obstruction in 89mm tubing did not allow running a wireline plug to bottom. A bridge plug was set above obstruction and tubing was pulled to position first tool joint below obstruction at working height in snubbing basket.

Procedure: Hot-tap clamp and drill installed above tool joint, pressure tested and 19mm hole drilled in tubing. Drill removed, pumping equipment installed and pressure tested. Inject gel and provide dry ice contact to tubing below tool joint. Pressure test plug, break connection and install valve. Pressure test valve and maintain well pressure above plug during thaw. Flow gel to testers and rig up wireline to run plug to bottom of string.

Time on location: 8.5 hours