Code of Business Conduct

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At Snubco, we believe in integrity, honesty and respect in all workplace relationships. We are committed to ethical behavior and expect our shareholders, managers, supervisors and employees to have the same commitment. Our Code of Business Conduct was created to inform employees of their legal and ethical obligations both to Snubco and to our customers. While no document can completely encompass every situation with which our employees may be faced, the Code is intended to serve as a guide to ensure that ethical compromises are never made.

As we endeavor to achieve all of our goals in this dynamic, changing industry, we will continue to provide our customers with value and excellent service. The Code sets forth the policies, guidelines and expectations for doing business to ensure that business is conducted ethically and in compliance with applicable laws. Snubco is committed to doing business with companies who support the same level of excellence for conducting business in a legal and ethical manner, with the same degree of professionalism.