Snubbing Case History #47

Objective: Snub in BHA consisting of packer, blast joints, pup joints and sliding sleeves, upper dual string packer and 2 strings of 60.3mm tubing.

Well Information: 14mPa, sour 2000 meter gas well.

Procedure: Pre job meeting was held and snubbing stack was designed and built using offset equipment, spacer spools and hanger flange for this job. Lower packer was snubbed in with assorted blast joints, sliding sleeves, tubing blanking plugs and required amount of tubing for spacing. At this point tubing was still pipe light. Tubing was secured in well using lower stripping rams and hanger flange. At this point the snubbing unit was rigged down and upper dual string packer installed in tubing string and spacer spool to cover packer was added to stack. Snubbing jack was rigged back up and pressure texted. Tubing string was then snubbed down to required depth and packer were spaced out and set. Snubbing unit was then rigged out and extra spacer spools were rigged out and offset spools were rigged in. Snubbing unit was once again rigged up and pressure tested. Short string of completion was then snubbed in and dual string packer was latched and short string tubing mandrel was landed. Snubbing unit was then rigged out.

Time on location: 18 hours