Snubbing Case History #45

Objective: To fish out coiled tubing lost in 88.9mm production tubing.

Well Information: 19% sour gas well, 4,600m (14,720”) deep, 60.7MPa (8,800psi). Coiled tubing was performing a cleanout and chemical spot operation. The tubing became stuck and was subsequently parted leaving about 2,700m of tubing in the well.

Procedure: Used workover rig and rig assist snubbing unit. Rigged up 4-1/16, 10K slip rams for coil and shear rams on top of master valve. Rigged up 4-1/16, 10K Primary BOP stack. Rigged up 4-1/16, 10K stripping stack on top of primary stack. Fill the hole with appropriate kill fluid and use lubricate and bleed kill method to reduce the tubing pressure. RIH with 1.66 tuning and fishing assembly. Circulate kill fluid as necessary. Latch on to fish and pull to recover a portion of the lost coil. Bring to surface and close slip rams on fish, shear coil, move fish up to clear blind rams to recover section of coil and repeat until the entire section was recovered. Repeat fishing process until all that is practical is recovered. RIH with mill to remove bent up remaining coil and clean off fish. RIH with fishing tools to recover coiled tubing tools.

Time on location: 44 days