Snubbing Case History #43

Objective: Remove drill string. Install multi-zone production string.

Well Information: 18 mPa sweet well, Multiple zones. Depth: 3400

Procedure: Strip on snubbing unit. Install tubing hanger. Land string and pressure test. Pull hanger, 350 joints 60.3mm plus BHA. (Bit, motor, dual float subs) Snub in multiple blast joints and sliding sleeves (configured accordingly) with a packer. Set packer, bleed off annulus for a negative pressure test. Come off packer, fill with fluid and do a positive pressure test. Pull 24 joints, install tubing hanger. Land string and rig off snubbing unit. Zones above packer perforated, fractured, and bridge plugs drilled. Rig up snubbing unit. Run in On/Off skirt plus multiple blast joints with sliding sleeve. Tag sand above packer. Wireline out tubing plugs. Clean out sand. Wireline in tubing plugs. Space out, install tubing hanger. Latch onto packer and land string. Rig out snubbing unit.

Time on location: 83 hours over 7 days.