Snubbing Case History #20

Objective: Install dual string completion.

Well Information: 9 Mpa 1,500m gas well, 2 zones. Lower zone already perforated and producing.

Procedure: Rig up snubbing unit and pressure test. Strip out tubing hanger and POOH tubing. Strip in BHA with packer and RIH to place packer above perforations. Come off packer, pull 1 joint, land tubing and pressure test packer, and rig out snubbing unit. Install striping rams offset to long string side above tubing spool. After top zone is perforated and stimulated, rig up snubbing unit and pressure test. Strip out center bore tubing hanger, RIH to tag fill on packer. Strip in primary tubing hanger, pull plug and clean off on/off tool. Latch onto packer, orientate and land tubing hanger. Close offset rams on 1.2m pup above hanger. RIH short string and land. Pressure tubing hanger, rig out snubbing unit and BOPs.

Time on location: 27.5 hours