Freeze and Hot Tap Case History #6

Objective: Hot tap damaged gate valve using 2 ½ “hole saw to enable slick line to set a plug in profile and change out gate valve.

Well Information:8600Kpa sweet gas well with a depth of 1500m.

Procedure: Check for pressure, remove wellhead flow tee and install work valve. Assemble hot tap drill with ¾” bit and centralizer, fill with oil to the top of the work valve and rig in drill. Pressure test to 13000kpa then bleed off to 5000Kpa. Spin the bit using air drive w/ nitrogen and advance drill till through the gate. Retract the drill and close work valve, bleed off pressure in drill and remove. Install coupon catcher and 2 ½” hole saw, rig in drill. Pressure up to 8600Kpa and open work valve, spin the hole saw with air drive and advance the drill till through the gate. Retract the drill, close the work valve and bleed off pressure in the drill. Rig out the drill and remove the coupon from the hole saw and turn the well over to slick line.

Time on location: 3 hours