Freeze and Hot Tap Case History #34 – VR-PLUG REMOVAL

Objective: Remove 2 VR plugs ceased in casing bowl assembly
• Pressure 41 mpa
• Sweet gas
• Casing valves 2 1/16 10k BX152 ring gaskets
• VR plug size 1.900 OD by 1.25” hex nut
• Confirm all data with on site personnel prior to rigging up

• Check and record all pressures
• Bleed off potential trapped pressure, rig in unit and conduct pressure testing of work valve and unit and VR plug assembly
• Confirm and record test
• Ensure work valve in fully opened position, advance removal tool onto VR plug and confirm by measurement and rotation resistance that tool has engaged onto hex nut
• Equalize pressure on unit to casing pressure
• Apply sufficient left hand torque to free ceased VR plug
• Continue with left hand rotation while retracting removal tool
• Fully retract tool to accommodate closing of work valve
• Close work valve, bleed off pressure, rig out VR plug removal unit, night cap casing valve. Repeat procedure on next casing valve.

Time on location: 6 hours from time of arrival to departure