Freeze and Hot Tap Case History #1

Objective: Replace 4 ½” Demco with broken stem.

Well Information: Sweet Gas Well Approximately 6000 KPA

Procedure: Hold JHA and safety meeting with all personnel. Rig up x/o nipple back to 2” Nitric in 2” x 5K ball valve. Fill valve cavity with fluid. Rig in Hot tap drill c/w ¾” drill bit. Pressure test equipment to 21 MPA. Hold 7 MPA on drill and valve. Rig in N2 drive to Drill. Drill through gate which is about 2 ½” thick. Once verified that bit hole is reamed clean, retract bit into drill and close 2” ball valve. Remove drill. Rig in pump line and start pumping fluid to kill well.

Time on location: 2 hours