Well Control Support Services

In well control situations, Snubco’s seasoned professionals can be an integral part of your company’s well control team. We offer your team our “hands-on” expertise in working with wells under pressure – we work with it daily. Our skilled team has worked in dangerous situations involving pressures up to 13,000 Psi and H2S concentrations of up to 45%.

Let us assist you in the wise implementation of your emergency response plan. Snubco has developed strategic relationships with numerous companies across Canada who understand the value of our expertise when dealing with critical emergency situations.

Well Control Support Process:

  • Pre-Planning Session: initial meeting with company to determine situation and action plan required
  • Field Evaluation: next a field evaluation is conducted to determine extent of the well control incident
  • Equipment and Personnel Assistance: based on the field evaluation, Snubco assists the well control team in determining what equipment and personnel are needed to bring the situation under control in the safest way possible
  • Work hand in hand providing appropriate services to the team as needed