Training Programs

Nisku Classroom Training

Classroom Training in Nisku, Alberta, Canada

Included in the sale of each piece of specialized pressure control equipment we are pleased to offer a complete training program that consists of three levels of training. This proven system allows for the maximum amount of training to be conducted in the shortest amount of time. The three tiers of training are:

  1. Classroom training at Snubco facility
  2. Underbalanced simulations at Snubco facility
  3. Underbalanced operations on site in the customers country of origin

Training is conducted at the Snubco facility in Nisku, Canada. Training begins by educating the customer on the snubbing equipment. Certified snubbing supervisors conduct this training ensuring that the equipment is fully understood and all operation questions can be answered fully.

Customers receive training on Snubco Operation Procedures and underbalanced workover calculations, all needed for the successful operation of a snubbing jack or other pressure control equipment.

Classroom Training in Nisku, Alberta

Classroom Training in Nisku, Alberta, Canada

Because of excellent cooperation with existing International customers most documents are available in a translated version of the end users language, which allows for a quicker understanding of the job procedure.

Utilizing our state of the art on site engineering department Snubco is able to produce 3D models for the purpose of training and understanding the various components of the snubbing jack. These models are taken directly from the engineered drawings of the unit so are exact in every detail.

Applying what was learned in the classroom to a real world environment is crucial to the training process. Each procedure that is conducted in the classroom is duplicated on the test well. The same personnel that will operate on site in the end users country perform the training operation of the snubbing equipment in Canada. We believe that proper training can only occur in a “hands on” training environment.

After the jack is successfully shipped to the end users country of origin, a two-man Snubco crew will arrive to commission the jack (crew size will depend on the scope of the work or 12 or 24 hour operation).
The two-man team will break into two (2) groups to assist the training process. The first step is training the snubbing crew.

Site Visit to Canadian Well Site

Site Visit to Canadian Well Site

This involves “hands on” operations of the snubbing equipment. Procedures that where discussed and preformed in Canada are repeated in the end users country of origin for the benefit of the crew.

The second man will remain on the ground to assist the ground crew in the operations that must occur for live well operations. Because procedures are different for live well operations some training must be provided for all personnel on the ground. These procedures are just as important as the snubbing procedure being conducted on the jack.

The training that is provided with  Snubco equipment is second to none. We have a proven success rate with training international personnel to operate and maintain the equipment that they have obtained from Snubco. This proven method off training has allowed Snubco to maintain the highest reputation in customer satisfaction.