Rig Assist Snubbing

Snubco’s Rig Assist snubbing services use the safest and most efficient equipment available in the highly competitive Canadian market. Our equipment can be used with a wide variety of rig set-ups from a small single workover rig to a large triple drilling rig. The majority of the components on our rig-assist units are designed by Snubco, then field proven by our experienced personnel who work closely with our designers and fabricators to constantly ensure Snubco equipment is the best available for our customers.

“SNUBCO – known worldwide as the best in innovation and quality in the oilfield”

Rig Assist Snubbing Process

As its name implies, the “rig assist” process requires a workover or drilling rig to accomplish its task. All of the normal equipment associated with the workover or drilling rig is still used during the snubbing/stripping procedure. The rigs draw works supplies the lifting force when in the stripping mode. The rigs BOP stack provides the backup to the snubbing units stripping BOPs. Depending on the job parameters, additional BOPs may be needed in the primary BOP stack that is controlled by the rigs accumulator system. In higher-pressure situations, or wells with H2S content, supplemental equipment such as choke manifolds, gas separators, and flare stacks may be necessary.

Hydraulic Rig Assist installed on top of workover rig BOP stack. Well pressure is controlled by surface BOPs. Click the image to view at a larger size.

Rig Assist Unit Specifications:

  • Truck mounted and mobile to get to even the most isolated locations.
  • Built tough to withstand the most extreme weather – operates in temperature ranges of -35°C to +50°C
  • BOP system meets API 6a standards
  • Pressure containing equipment meets NACE TRIM specification for H2S service
  • Oilfield proven for the most rugged terrain conditions found in the oil patch
  • Continuous research, development and maintenance to ensure the latest in innovative technologies

All load bearing and pressure containing components of the equipment have engineered ratings and certification documentation – Snubco has been a leader in this area.

Diagrams of Rig Assist and Workover BOPs:

Rig Assist Workover BOP