Freeze Applications

Trust your Freeze Applications to the Snubco professionals. We have years of experience in Freeze Applications for a wide range of situations with pressures of up to 7,500 Psi. Snubco knows that safety of any freeze application is directly related to experience – our team is the most highly trained and skilled you will find in the industry.

Freeze Applications are commonly used in situations no other practical means of containing pressure to replace damaged equipment or to allow access without killing the well. It is an inexpensive and safe way to control well pressures during regular well maintenance where removal of the wellhead, pipeline or auxiliary equipment is required.

Typical Freeze Application Process:

  • An area is displaced with a “plug” of uncontaminated bentonite gel mixed to a thick slurry.
  • The gel plug is frozen in place by use of dry ice (solid CO2) contained with a cribbing and tamped manually to keep in contact with the area to be frozen at all time.
  • The methods used depend on what the area to be frozen contains or has contained or whether there is a leak to atmosphere from the area to be froze.
  • Pressure testing is always done to 1 ½ times the surface pressure of the well, or to the maximum well head pressure rating.

Diagram of Freeze Application

Snubco Freeze Unit Specifications:

  • 1997 International 4900 Series 466E with positive shutdown diesel engine c/w 22’ insulated heating van. Pumping capabilities to 7500 Psi. Fully self contained.
  • All equipment meets NACE specifications.
  • Proheat and intrinsically safe electric heating system for maintaining thaw at pumping and pressure monitoring area.


Remote location freeze job using helicopter

Remote location freeze job using helicopter 2