Snubco is world renowned for providing innovative technologies and professional services to the oil and gas industry. Intensive research and development combined with our custom manufacturing process helps Snubco stay at the leading edge of snubbing, freeze and hot-tap technologies. Our main services are Snubbing (rig assist or self-contained), Hot-Tap and Freeze Application. Snubco also provides Well Control support to well control specialists and oil companies, by supplying equipment and personnel to assist on incidents.


Freeze Applications

  • Need to isolate equipment that cannot be depressurized?
  • Want an inexpensive and safe alternative to control pressures during well maintenance where removal of wellhead, pipeline, and auxiliary equipment is required?
  • Have well control equipment that has malfunctioned (BOPs damage) and needs to be removed or repaired?

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Hot-Tap Operations

  • Have an obstruction in tubulars during tripping operations and trapped pressure is suspected?
  • Need to enter an existing production line without depressurizing the line?
  • Need to replace a valve on a producing well without killing or depressurizing the well?
  • Want to re-enter an abandoned or suspended well?

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Rig Assist Snubbing

  • Have a fluid sensitive, fractured or low-pressure reservoir?
  • Need to improve your well production without the expense and safety hazards of work over or kill fluids?
  • Interested in keeping your well alive and maintaining original permeability?
  • Want to minimize your wellbore damage and maintain production during well maintenance?
  • Want to save money and reduce downtime?

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Self-Contained Snubbing

  • Want an alternative to a conventional work over rig, without the cost of a rig for your simple jobs?
  • Looking for a safe and economical way of completing or abandoning project wells without the use of a service rig and all the advantages of snubbing?

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Snubco Advanced Snubbing Technologies

  • Looking for a way to wireless monitor and control your BOP stack?
  • Need a safety system that is specifically designed to add value to your QHSE program?
  • Want to see the world’s only 3D snubbing simulator?
  • Interested in having an on-site demo?

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Training Programs

  • Looking for snubbing training on the world’s only 3D snubbing simulator?
  • Want to become certified as a Snubco Advanced system trouble shooter?
  • Need to do an introduction course for your field employees for snubbing, coil, nitrogen, etc.?
  • Interested in Snubco Competency certifications?

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Well Control

  • Do you have a well control issue?
  • Need additional engineering support?
  • Pre job planning and modelling?

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