Rasu Unit

Snubco Manufacturing Inc. operates as a division within the Snubco Group of companies. This division is responsible for all design, engineering and construction of the Snubco Group’s pressure control equipment. Snubco units are now working on four different continents in the world. All equipment is fully engineered to relevant API and ASME specifications. Each unit is fully documented with all certifications and operational information. Using this equipment, Snubco Pressure Control Ltd. has performed thousands of snubbing jobs throughout the world.


Snubco’s Engineering department uses modern technical tools to ensure their designs are “fit for purpose”.  All engineering work is done in 3D which generates clear, accurate and detailed drawings, making manufacturing more efficient and repeatable.  Snubco’s engineering team also uses 3D finite elemental analysis to minimize over design, verify designs and certify equipment.  Another valuable asset to our project team is our vendor’s expertise.  In addition, the engineering department also maintains Snubco’s fleet records to ensure that all certifications are up to date and that the equipment is properly maintained.